Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy July 4th, from Sunny Positano

Happy July 4th from Italy. Summer has graced Italy with temps ranging in the high 90's-that is 31+ centigrade, long lazy days and an abundance of fruit & vegetables from our garden. Signore Antonino comes regularly to our large garden which overlooks the Tyrannian sea to keep an eye on the weeds, and help groom the zealous squash and pumpkin plants that are growing rampant down the wall. Our pumpkin plants are streaming now 10 feet down the wall reaching down to the sea. Ruby red, yellow and green peppers are popping up, squash flowers and zucchinis are abundant, and the basil plants are ever-green perfect. Small cherry tomatoes are clustered tightly on healthy green plants, which Signore Antonino has tied tight and high; they are now 5 feet high and cling on their poles. Chef Consiglia has just put the finishing touches on her strawberry tiramisu (tiramisu, means pull-me-up) and her newly inspired baby squid salad, soaked in fresh picked oranges sliced thin, and topped with crushed walnuts. Healthly, fresh and Mediterraneo style recipes at Cooking Vacations.

Although the weather has cleared, late spring brought us a mix of spritz and sun-but we did see the most beautiful Rainbow arch its way from the hills of Positano to the sea just below, and it lasted for 30 minutes. Sun and light rain mixed to produce a gorgeous palate of colors that only Mother Nature could bring!

So sit back in your beach chair, take a swim and enjoy the recipe of Chef Consiglia's refreshing salad; and fill your glass with a crisp cold Greco di Tufo dei Feudi San Gregorio (southern Italian white wine)! Enjoy the start of your summer and take a few days off!