Tuesday, November 24, 2009

November 24, 2009

Olives. Olives small pearls of green laid out to dry. We picked our olives from emerald colored branches about 2 weeks ago. The leaves of the olive tree with their dark silver hue seem to glimmer in that autumn sun. After almost 10 days in a sea-salt water bath, changed everyday, the olives turn less bitter.

We put them in a big oval basket for their last wash, and rolled them onto our big volcanic top table. The sun had already warmed the table top, and now the gentle wind from the sea is blowing them dry.

Before the next step, the olives need to completely dry. Patting and turning ever so often takes out any moister.

As I write, Rino is preparing the herbs for the next step. Our jars have been boiled in hot water and dried. Peasano garlic & lemons from Positano’ garden and pepperincino-tiny red horn-like shapes with a hot bite, our red hot chilli peppers are our choices for bottling.

Our Process-
Pick (or buy) 3 kilos of fresh olives
Soak in sea salt and water for 10 days-or until soft, changing water each day.
Dry the olives and crack open with a hammer
Put the olives in the water bath and repeat process for 3 days
Lay out to dry on papertowels in the sun
Dry well
Mix your favorite herbs-
Rino’s sea salt, red chilli pepper and garlic
Lauren’s sea salt and lemon zest

Toss herbs and olives
Jar and seal tight

Ready to eat in a week!