Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Women’s Day in Italy: Celebrating with a Flower

Along the steep cliffs of Positano, the mimosa flower stands out like specks of bright yellow paint on a canvas. They’re the first sign of spring’s arrival and tomorrow they hold a special significance for women. March 8th is Festa della Donna or International Women’s Day in Italy. Women receive sprigs of the fragrant flower from their loved ones and friends.
Its origins are tragic, on this day in 1908, 129 garment factory workers in New York died in a fire. While protesting to improve their work conditions, the factory’s owner locked them inside. The day was established as a holiday in Italy in 1944 as well as many other nations worldwide. It recognized women’s overall contributions to society and efforts in achieving equal rights. The flower was chosen the following year to mark the holiday after World War II.
Today women celebrate by taking the day or evening off. Perhaps to enjoy a meal or drinks out with friends. Aside from flowers, women can indulge on treats such as the Torta Mimosa or Mimosa Cake made of orange juice, whipped cream and orange liqueur. So whether or not you have a mimosa to give or receive, remember how far women have come and those who still continue to strive for equality today.
Questa mimosa è bella come te che splendi e profumi nel giorno della tua festa! ~ This mimosa is as beautiful as you that shine and are fragrant on your special day.


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