Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Cooking Vacations Italy Cooking Classes & School
Amalfi Coast Photography Expedition With Massimo Bassano
~Photographing, Exploring Images, Color, People, Food & Landscapes~The Chefs Kitchen~October 2 to 7, 2011. Join us cooking and photographing on The Amalfi Coast!!!
An Italian Cooking Vacations experience celebrating Italian food, Art, and Music in Italy. We are the leaders in culinary tours, hands-on cooking classes, and cultural adventures in Italy

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Elizabeth Berg Writers Studio ~ Positano

Amalfi Coast Writer's Workshop With Elizabeth Berg™

Hope you are enjoying the summer!

Writing to follow up on the Elizabeth Berg Writers Studio in Positano.

Join Cooking Vacations for this exclusive writing and cooking week with New York Times Bestselling Author Elizabeth Berg. 

Amalfi Coast Writer's Workshop With Elizabeth Berg™

There is still a couple of spaces available, if you decide to join us!

Call Lauren at 1.800.916.1152 or email at lauren@cooking-vacations.com

Hope you will join us writing & cooking in sunny Italy!



Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Cooking Vacations’ August 2011 News

Agosto, the month in the year where days on the beach end under smoldering sunsets that turn to star studded skies, where a gelato a day is a must, and where outdoor events of every kind spill into piazzas, gardens and outside theatres. In fact, everything in Italy is outside in August! Late nights under the starry summer skies mean San Lorenzo is almost here, - August 10, just another reason to celebrate and wish upon a shooting star.
August was originally called Sextilis in Latin when it fell under the Roman Calendar of Romulus, and it was renamed Augustus after the Roman Emperor Augustus around 8BC.
August brings us 31 glorious days of summer in Italy! It may be sizzling outside, but our kitchen is filled with delicious summer recipes to keep you cool and healthy!
Safe Summer!