Tuesday, March 22, 2011


For all the parents out there that just can’t decide where to take the 
kids on vacation this year both Florence and Rome have made the top 10 
vacation locations for families in Europe!

Italy is a fantastic place for kids to learn and have fun. With all 
it’s history your kids will have an amazing experience from seeing 
Michealangelo’s David for the first time to clambering over ruins in 
the Forum in Rome. Just remember after every museum or Church you 
visit just buy them a gelato!

Dining out will be easy with pasta and pizza on every menu, and for 
dessert some more gelato (you can’t have too much) the kids will be in 
paradise! They may even learn a few words of Italiano along the way! 
The Italians are all about families so the kids will be welcomed with 
open arms everywhere they go. They will have a priceless opportunity 
to enjoy their encounter with history, art, archittecture and a 
foreign lifestyle!

Italy truly is a a great way to learn, have fun in the sunshine for 
kids and grown ups too!

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